The world’s first pint-sized tour guide helps you…

Overcome the Travel Curse
That Can Wreck Your Trip
From Queenstown to Milford Sound…

Fellow traveller,

Going on a trip is exciting… but goes by so fast.  You want to pack in all the sights, the scenery, and load that memory full of extraordinary stories to share.

The extra bonus comes when you find the local favorite places that are everything you hoped they’d be.

But that’s part of the problem… how do you find the local hotspots?

Some of the travel guides share them… but you are head deep in the guides while driving around and you miss 90% of the scenery!

I know what it’s like.

I’ve travelled the world and always try and do far too much in too little time.  I bought all the travel guides.  I check the travel websites.  I journal.  I take copious amounts of pictures.  See me roar!

After the trip is over and I am on my way home…

 I tend to shake my head in wonder and disbelief

that I did it again!

I missed half the things I wanted to see.

Did half the things I wanted to do.

Or I’m scanning back through my photos and can hardly remember why the places I DID see were cool. The connection wasn’t there… the places looked cool, but I had no real reference to the story behind the place.

And the story is what makes a trip memorable forever!

Basically, I was so deeply involved trying to PLAN the trip… I wasn’t actually EXPERIENCING the trip.

In reflection, I thought back about my favourite trips.  Usually I was with someone that knew the lay of the land.  They knew what wonderful things to point out, what amazing little spots offered the most incredible food at bargain prices, and how to FEEL like a local and experience all the locals get.

So if I get 10 times more out of a trip

when travelling with a local…

how can you or I do it

when travelling withOUT a local?

You can hire a tour guide.  A personal tour guide will cost you a very tidy bundle, plus you are usually kept to a strict schedule (I know… I WAS a tour guide and I was a stickler for the schedule!).

You can take a tour bus.  Much cheaper… but you are packed in with dozens of others.  You have their noise to contend with your enjoyment.  If someone wants to be a pain in everyone’s butt… there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

You can buy a travel guide and use it.  Dig through a few hundred pages to find the best-of-the-best.  Nose buried in the guide while you are trying to enjoy your tour.  Plus, most print guides are either out of date, or miss out on some of the BEST local hotspots that I personally enjoy the most.

Or, you can miniaturize ME

and let me guide you through the hotspots…

on your time… at your beck and call!



That’s right.  I have developed the ULTIMATE tour guide for your trip into Milford Sound.  One so small it takes up no room.  One so accurate, and eerily customizable to your preferences.  One so inexpensive, you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without this pint-sized pocket tour guide in the past.

After realizing what was missing, I brought together a team of fellow travellers who also happened to be cutting edge developers, designers and researchers and together we miniaturized me and stuck me in a phone.

Let’s take a tour.

You won’t even notice me… except when you want me to show you around.

When you take me along for the ride to Milford Sound you’ll not only find all the best spots but I’ll tell you the stories….

You learn about the European explorer that made it all the way around the world in the 1600’s sailed up the coast for days then returned home, never actually setting foot on this country.

Or how about glow worms. Sure they’re tiny and look cool in the dark caves but did you know they’re one of new Zealand’s most vicious predators?

You’ll get to hear the story of Hine-nui-te-po, the goddess of the dead, and why at the sight of Milford sound she freaked out and started worrying about job security, but then what she did about it.

And don’t forget the Haast Eagle, nearly twice as big as a wedge tailed eagle and known for snatching away unwatched children.

Sure you can find all this stuff out if you have your head buried in a book or spend months researching online…

…But imagine having me sitting next to you

telling you about it as we get there.


You get to look out the windows and see what I’m talking about or find out about something before you get there so once you park up you can just jump out and know exactly what you’re here for.

 Smart Tours is a brilliant concept

that takes your travel experience to a whole new level!


Let me personally guide you on the incredible drive from Queenstown to Milford.

I know every single hot spot.  Every stop you need to make.  Every mind-bending sight you need to see.  Every experience to have that creates that lifetime memory you want from your trip.

I’ve done this trip dozens and dozens of times.  I live here… I know here… I am a great choice to guide you through the drive.

How do Smart Tours work?

You download the app to your phone (works on Androids and iPhones alike).

All the maps are uploaded and are ready to use no matter if you are connected to a cell network or not.

The best part?

Vanessa’s voice will guide you through the drive. I wanted to do it personally but even I have to admit that listening to Vanessa is a far more pleasurable experience than my raspy old voice.

Smart phones have built in GPS systems that work with or without a cell connection.

As you drive, Vanessa tells you where we are, where to stop, what to look at, and what to do to make it the most incredible driving experience of your life.

She’s basically right there with you… without actually being there.

You take the tour at your own pace, and just press play when you want her to be your personal, and private, tour guide.


Over 2.5hrs of fun and interesting commentary telling you all the local stories, the history, geography and interesting facts are shared on this journey
Then if you need to rest, open the Info Centre in the app and you’ll find Well over 100 different activities, hot spots, accommodations, and food and drink must-know spots!



and the way ALL future tours will be taken!

Best part?

The price!

To hire a personal tour guide can cost you up to a thousand dollars!

Jumping on one of the Milford Sound bus tours will cost you $150-$200, and gets you no privacy and usually some very rude co-travellers.

Hiring me and Vanessa to personally guide you?


Less than the price of a cheap dinner for 2 and highly enjoyable!

Doing it alone, or with the wrong tour guide can curse your trip!


You miss the best parts and you will forever be angry with yourself for not doing it right.

The average vacation costs a single person $2,000 or more.  A couple, $4000 or more.

A simply little $20 investment GUARANTEES YOU the best trip EVER!

That’s right… I even guarantee it!

Invest in the Smart Tours Virtual Tour Guide.

Download the app, maps, and me to your phone.

Enjoy your trip.  Take all the photos you want. Go at your own pace.  Create a lifetime of memories along the way.

She’ll be there at your side, whenever you want her.

Just press play, the gps will know exactly where we are on the drive, and be able to instantly point you to the right spots for the ultimate experience.

Let us help you make this the BEST trip of your life!

If you don’t think the Smart Tours Virtual Tour Guide app

was the smartest $20 you ever invested, just let me know

and I will immediately refund your money PLUS an extra 10% for your trouble!


Sound fair?

I thought so too.

I put a lifetime worth of travel experiences into this app.

And I want you to have it for next to nothing.

Plus, I guarantee it with a 110% refund policy.

So what are you waiting for?


Here’s everything that you get:

  • Full GPS based professional audio commentary for your Milford Sound tour; this is real commentary from real tour guides that know these routes like the back of their hands.
  • 2.5hrs of commentary between Queenstown and Milford Sound Tour.
  • Hear about the local legends, history, geography and more while you’re driving. No more reading and trying to figure out what the book is talking about.
  • Works fully offline. Just download the tour before you leave home or in an internet café and then there are no expensive roaming charges.
  • No Ads, anywhere. Just great audio commentary for you to enjoy your tour.
  • Offline maps with GPS functionality, once downloaded there are no roaming fees.
  • Hand-picked Activity, Accommodation, Food & Drink and Attraction options. Our guides are giving you their favourite options based on VALUE, so regardless of if you want 1 or 5 star service, we’ve got you covered. Now you can cut through the myriad of options and go straight to someone you know will be good.
  • Use GPS to find out what attractions are nearby.
  • GPS locations for great stops, lookouts, walks and more.
  • Itinerary planner to help you get the most out of your self drive trip to Milford Sound.
  • Clicking on an attraction on the map will take you straight to the “Information Centre” for more detailed information and photos.
  • Every Attraction comes with photos and detailed descriptions, including hours of operation, cost, features etc…
  • All details are updated directly by the operator so you can guarantee their accuracy.
  • Free audio and text information on the cities and towns you can visit.


Let’s go on a trip!

Grab it now…


See you on the road.
Iain Forrest

PS: This IS the future of travel and tour guides!  I’ve travelled the world and this is the secret tool I always wished I’d had. 

For just $20, I will be right at your side, at your beck and call, ready to personally guide you on your Milford Sound tour.

A very, very wise investment!

Trips like this may come once in a lifetime to you.  Chances are good, the flights, hotels, food and transportation will cost you a pretty penny.

Don’t cheap out on an out-of-date print guide, a tour bus, or just ‘winging it’. I will be on your phone, controlled by your phone’s gps, walking you through ALL of the best spots on your tour.

For $20!

Not only that: if you honestly don’t feel it’s the smartest $20 you ever invested after your tour – just let me know – and I’ll refund your $20 without any hassle or headache.

A very fair deal… and a very wise idea for your trip!

Grab it now…